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Dago Dairy provides a range of activities for school groups of up to 40 students. The farm has hosted SD, SMP and SMA students from schools such as Salman Al Farisi, Bandung International School, Stamford International School, Mutiara Nusantara and others.
School trips


School trips usually take around 3 hours  from  Stasiun Dago in Jalan Dago although it is possible to do a walk along the border of Taman Hutan Juanda which adds 1 1/2 hours to the visit. Acitivities can be conducted in English or Indonesian.
o learn about dairy cows through fun activities as well as feeding the calves (unfortunately owing to hygiene factors, it is not possible to milk the cows for school visits) o find out about the many mammals, birds and reptiles which live in the north Bandung area o watch and study our free range chickens and learn about their  behavioural habits o go on a forest walk learning about the ecology of the area
Contact Yanti at 08122 428304. email 2014 CV. Dago Dairy. All Rights Reserved.
One of the quizes which students  complete around the farm
Cost per student is Rp. 25,000 including free yogurt for students and teachers. (Mininum 8 murid) (Please note it is not possible for large buses to visit the farm). For more information regarding activities, location, suitable clothing, parking area and dates, contact Yanti or Mark via email or telephone.