Thursday 21st August - Farming off farm

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Working off the farm is just as important as working at the farm. Updating websites,

editing photos, designing lables and marketing produce are all important skills of the

modern farmer.

Photography is a skill set which I have had to develop over the last year as images

are the strongest medium of showing what our farm is about. I always ask

prospective customers to look at the web and Facebook sites of our competitors so

they can see exactly where they are buying from.

Sadly, not a real cow is to be seen! Cartoons of cows happily grazing in green fields

are the norm but not the reality. Even worse, the picture on one of the packages shows

a farm which is not only one of their farms, it’s not even a farm in Indonesia!

Don’t get me started! Anyway, what would really make my day is to get this new website

up and running

Here’s hoping you kick a few goals today.

Wednesday  20th August - Election

Tomorrow will see the High Court of Indonesia announce its decision on the legitimacy

of the election.

Whichever way they decide, I do think it is a pity how the norms of Indonesian

politeness and respect for each other has descended into rancour and abuse.

Whoever becomes President needs to demonstrate that, at least, some of those

traditional Javanese traits are worth retaining.

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